December 14, 2020

To: RSU 56 Staff, Students, Families and Community Members

On December 9, 2020, we reported that we had multiple individuals at Dirigo Elementary School who tested positive for COVID 19. After communicating with the CDC, it has been deemed that Dirigo Elementary School has been classified as an outbreak. This outbreak may or may not be reported by Dr. Shah and through the media but we wanted you to hear it directly from us. RSU 56 contacted the Maine CDC and the Maine Department of Education as soon as we heard of the cases and have been willingly working with them since that time. 

On a positive note, the CDC has acknowledged that RSU 56 has a well defined processes for mitigating COVID 19. Busses, vans, classrooms, cafeteria, etc. will be subjected to a repetitive cleaning process. Upon return to in-person learning, RSU 56 will continue to require all staff and students to comply with the expectations outlined in the RSU 56 Return to Classroom Instruction Framework, including but not limited to, wearing masks, remaining socially distanced and frequent hand-washing. We are committed to keeping our schools as safe as possible. We look forward to the return to in-person instruction at all of our schools on Monday, January 4, 2021. Until that time, RSU 56 will provide remote learning instruction on all scheduled school days. 


Pam Doyen, Superintendent of Schools

Charlie Swan, Principal of Dirigo Elementary School

Erin Wainwright, Dirigo Elementary School Nurse