Winter Sports

November 13, 2021 

Dear Staff, Students, Families, and Dirigo Community,  

The intent of this letter is to inform you of the protocols that will be followed for the Winter season that is quickly approaching.  At this time, the Winter sports that will be offered and coached by are the following:  

Dirigo High School:  

 Varsity Boys Basketball: Cody St. Germain 

 Junior Varsity Boys Basketball: Nathan Schultz 

 Varsity Girls Basketball: Reggie Weston 

 Junior Varsity Girls Basketball: Miranda Shurtleff 

 Nordic Ski: David Buck  

 Wrestling: Dana Whittemore 

 Cheering: Ami-Jo Greco 

TW Kelly Dirigo Middle School:  

 Varsity Girls Basketball: Kathy Crutchfield  

 Junior Varsity Girls Basketball: Amy Chiasson  

 Varsity Boys Basketball: Chandler Redmond 

 Junior Varsity Boys Basketball: *Interim - Chandler Redmond  

 Nordic Ski: Karolyn Buotte 

 Wrestling: *Interim - Dana Whittemore  

The COVID-19 protocols that will be enforced are the following:  

 *These apply to all athletes, coaches, and spectators during practice, competition, etc.  

• Masks (covering both mouth and nose) will be worn at all times within indoor settings for all sports.  

• Vaccination and pooled-testing are highly recommended for all athletes and coaches.  

• Social-distancing during non-active participation.  

• No spectators during practice.  

• Spectators will be limited to home fans only. This is subject to change.  

• Live-streaming of competitions will be offered when possible. This information can be found via our  social media platforms.  

• These are minimum requirements which will be followed even when traveling. However, other venues/ schools may have additional requirements that we will need to follow.  

When concessions are offered, popcorn and drinks will be allowed in the gym. The expectation is that you would be able to eat or  drink these while putting your mask back on in-between. Other concessions will be available but will need to be consumed  within the SCC/Cafeteria where there will be live-streaming available when possible.  

Please be sure to follow the above protocols as an athlete, coach, family member, or community member to ensure that we don't  disrupt the Winter season as much as possible. If you choose not to adhere to the above, you will be asked to leave the premises.  If you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to contact Athletic Director, Nick Karavas, at 207-562-4251 extension 4.  


Nicholas Karavas